You’re Always Here

& it’s always now.

Keeping lists is something I enjoy not just because I’m type A & very anal & enjoy the aesthetic of lists, but also because I somehow forget everything.

I’m one of those people that will walk out of the grocery store without purchasing the one item I came for. Or leave a meeting at work & immediately forget what was just assigned to me.  

I’ve of course taken action on this though & now I write everything down. (Plus I feel like a #bossbabe carrying around a moleskin notebook at work. (Back when going into the office was a thing.))

My other hack is Google calendar: I’ll put every little event on there. Plus I can set friends’ birthdays as recurring yearly events & (if I’m being a really good friend) I’ll even add little reminders to check in with people on little things happening in their lives. (Although sometimes I’ll miss that reminder & then ask you 2 weeks later how your first day back at work was…)

But, while on the road, not even lists nor Google Calendar can solve my temporary dementia when it comes to where the heck I am. A few times now as I’ve been trying to tell locals that I’ve been impressed with their city – I’ve stumbled over the actual name of the city I’m in. And somehow it just doesn’t come off as genuine anymore when you’re trying to tell someone that Huntsville is pretty cool except you can’t come up with the name “Huntsville”…

And after thinking about it & needing something besides my little forgetful pea brain to blame – I’ve decided I’m going to blame both time zones & Planet Fitness for my frequent forgetfulness.

I keep my work computer in mountain time so that when talking to my boss/coworkers about meetings & availability I don’t have to do math in my head (hard.) So, that has been nice from a work standpoint, but from a real life standpoint it’s confusing! Whether I’m trying to beat traffic, or looking coffee shop hours on my phone & wondering why they’re closed when I get there, or when I log off work at 5pm MT & have all the sudden “lost” an hour, or trying to make it to a happy hour (which does indeed exist outside of Utah BTW #blessed) – it may be a “champagne problem” but I’ll complain about it anyway. I’s just an added layer of mental gymnastics. Despite the confusion though – it at least gives me even more opportunities to say “time is a concept” & gosh I just love saying that.

Adding to this weird time zone confusion are my almost daily trips to various Planet Fitnesses. My membership to Planet Fitness has been one of my favorite #vanlife purchases – they are truly everywhere. Which is great. Though it’s like when you go to a different Target than your normal neighborhood Target: they all have a similar layout, but there are definite differences. So, walking into a Planet Fitness is both a familiar feeling, but it also feels like if you were to come hope to rearranged furniture every day. It’s confusing & there’s no chance to get into a routine or have a locker that I always use or a favorite shower stall, ya know?

Anyway. I’m going to go ahead & blame both of those constant daily little stressors for my inability to remember where the heck I even am. (Whether that’s fair or not…)

I recently read a quick romance beach-type book (The Happy Ever After Playlist). In it – one of the main characters is a musician & is constantly on tour. To ensure that he says the correct city when he walks on stage (ex. “Hello Minneapolis!!!”)– he writes the name of the city on his hand. And honestly, after way too long of a pause when I was telling the barista that “I love….. uhh… Huntsville! Yeah Huntsville is great.” & then thinking she thought I was lying…? I’ve now considered writing my current location on my hand as well.

This is the part in the little short story where I wrap it up nicely with a “be here now” type quote…

I think this quote is from the Ram Dass / Timothy Leary movie “Dying to Know” but I can’t confirm because when I Google it – there’s an Ashley Tisdale song that keeps coming up. Anyway – somewhere along the line I wrote this wrote down & I think it applies nicely & if I were either cornier or a better writer I’d be able to tie this in in a nice fashion:

“You’re always here & it’s always now.”

I.e. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know what time it is or where exactly I am. I’m always here & it’s always now. (Flashes a peace sign as I walk into the sunset.)

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