Tinder is for validations, not trail recommendations

Things to use Tinder for: validation

Things not to use Tinder for: trail running recommendations*

*I guess the exception here is that if they’re a trail runner themselves. (And even then I’d be skeptical…)

Okay I’ll admit it – I caved & downloaded Tinder for my trip. (or I should say re-downloaded since every few months I get the itch to hop on a dating app & see what’s good. Update: not much is good.)

Normally my “issue” with dating apps (& meeting complete strangers) is that I have an immense need to maximize my days. (This is probably something I could work on, but alas, I’ll just vent about it instead.) It turns out meeting a stranger for coffee doesn’t fit that plan of full maximization. What if it ends up being a really nice morning & I want to go on a longer run than normal?! What if my friends last minute plan something & I want to tag along? Or what if I’d rather read a book that I know is going to be good instead of walking around Marmalade for an hour with some guy who showed up 20 minutes late because he first went to the wrong location of Blue Copper even when I specifically told him the Blue Copper IN MARMALADE?! (Oddly specific?) 

I don’t really like gambling & dating apps sure seem like a gamble with the most precious of resources: TIME! 

Greta, you may say, if you’re going into dating with that attitude how would you ever expect to have a good time? To that, I’d answer – you’re absolutely right. And also that it’s easier to delete this app than it is to change my attitude #amirightladies. 

So anyway. I (somewhat begrudgingly) downloaded Tinder & made sure my profile made it explicit that I’m taking a cross country roadtrip in my van and am looking for social interaction + coffee/beer/trail run recommendations (i.e. NOT hookups. (not that I wouldn’t make out with a cute guy if we vibe & the opportunity presents itself, but like, I’m more here for conversation / human contact + the inside scoop on the cities I’m traveling to…)) 

So this morning, I met a guy for coffee. The coffee shop he suggested was trendy, he showed up to the correct location (!!), he offered to pay (before we even got there (!!!!)), he was fun enough to talk to, AND he gave me SO MANY recommendations for trails to run. I’d call that a win. After we parted – I drove straight to a trail that he suggested and found 1) that it was only** (“only”) 2 miles long and 2) half of it was completely underwater – I couldn’t even complete the loop because I’d have to ford a darn RIVER. 

**I want to clarify that 2 miles is nothing to turn my nose up about. I am by no means a running elitist & in fact prefer trail running (vs road running) since you’re allowed to walk the uphills & still call it running. (What a fun hack!) It’s just that when I ask for trails to run – I assume they’ll be 5+ miles. (So, maybe that’s my fault for not distinguishing. OR MY FAULT for listening to someone off Tinder in the first place!!) 

I guess maybe I should’ve known. When we parted I said something noncommittal along the lines of, “Yeah maybe we can go on a run tomorrow morning on one of the trails you mentioned.” And he was like, “Oh, no, I don’t run…” (LIKE WHAT? OK COOL.) But, as a chronic ignorer of red flags (IYKYK), I guess it doesn’t surprise me that his comment didn’t make me think twice about his trail recommendations. (SORRY for assuming the best in people…?) 

So. Advice for future Greta: Repeat after me: Tinder is for VALIDATION, not for TRAIL RECOMMENDATIONS. 

Validations, not trail recommendations. Got it.

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