The night before #vanlife

I had a dream that I sent out last year’s xmas cards again this coming year… (And honestly I wouldn’t be upset if I did that IRL bc they were A+ cards if I say so myself.) Anyway –  I wrote a “night before xmas” poem for those cards & I thought I’d use it for a #vanlife poem too…

(Also I don’t entirely know why the font on this post is different than the 3 proceeding ones… TY for bearing with me while I figure out websites.)

’twas the first weekend in April

And Greta had a plan:

She was going to set out-

Just her and the van!


Her cat TJ would join,

And her dog Mya too.

With two pets in tow,

The van was a zoo!


“Their itinerary?” you ask.

Oh there’s nothing to see.

No really, I swear –

We’re as flexible as can be.


There are some goals, of course,

Like getting to Maine,

And stopping by every state,

If it’s not too much of a pain…


On weekdays she’ll work

That darn corporate grind

But outside of those hours…

She’ll do anything she can find!


She’ll be running trails of course,

And stopping for beer.

She’ll make plenty of coffee,

Oh! She’ll have a fun year!!


That’s it for now,

This poem has been fun.

Cheers to you all,

Your support means a ton.

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  1. If you pass by NJ, please come by and stay at our place in Ocean City!! We’ll get you some great ice cream and pancakes at Lauren’s old summer job, Uncle Bill’s Pancake House and Aunt Betty’s Ice Cream!! Great reading your adventures!!

    1. Ahhh Mr. Rodgers that is so kind & I will absolutely take you up on that offer!! I have very little idea on when I’ll be in that area – but I’ll definitely reach out when I have a better timeframe! Thanks so much for following along 🙂

      1. Our door is always open!! Maybe you can write a review of Aunt Betty’s ice cream shop in OC!! Hope you are safe and well on your voyage!!

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