No, but that’s okay

Since I’m still nursing a little “niggle” (my friend uses that term & I like it better than calling it an injury) in my Achilles – I haven’t been running & instead have been biking quite a bit (for me.) I still haven’t quite figured out the best way to find biking routes where I’m traveling, but (like anything) I figure it out.

Sometimes the routes I plot end up being on well-maintained dedicated bike paths (yay), and other times I end up on roads that I don’t want to be on (boo)… But! It’s all good fun & regardless of the path – I get to explore & see new sites.

The other weekend in Madison, WI – I had plotted out a 15ish mile loop around the city. However – about half way through the ride I stumbled upon a big “trail closed” sign. I stopped and consulted both the detour map that was posted along with my phone GPS to see my other options.

I then heard a biker on the bridge above me stop & look down.

He (softly) shouted, “Excuse me –  are you going to Epic?” (I still don’t know what he meant by this.) I said “no.”

And then he said, “Okay… Do you know where you’re going?”

I laughed (both because that’s my normal response in this/any situation & also because NO. No, I have absolutely no idea where I’m going…) and replied, “No, but that’s okay!”

And it was okay. And though it was kind of him to offer, I didn’t know how this man could have helped me when I didn’t have a destination in mind…? I wasn’t necessarily tied to this route or this path, and would just figure out another direction to take. As long as I ended up back at the van after an hour-ish of biking then I’d be happy.

And I don’t know, not to be totally dramatic or corny or make this situation into a huge life lesson, but I couldn’t help but apply that answer to of course this little van trip; but also… life?!

“Do you know where you’re going?”

“No, but that’s okay.”

And it IS okay. Sure I have ideas & goals of where I’ll end up (both in this van trip & in LIFE) & I do indeed think that’s important. But gosh I don’t usually know how exactly those goals will be accomplished, or if they even will be accomplished, or if they’ll change in the next few weeks/months/years. And that’s okay.

And yes I did end up adding a few more miles onto my originally planned bike route through Madison. But I ended up back at the van after an hour-ish (heavy on the –ish) of biking. (And it was okay.)

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