New Roommates

As I pulled up to the Walmart in Ellsworth, Maine – I thought “oh fun!” when I saw (not exaggerating) at least 15 other campers/vans/RVs already parked there. It seemed like a little party! (Granted, a party where everyone stayed in their respective vans, but there was some sort of comradery about being in proximity of other vans, regardless if I interact with them.)

However, when I was trying to fall asleep I did not think “oh fun!” when I heard a car loudly zoom past, or someone walking their noisy cart out to their car, or voices chatting at a louder than necessary volume.

And it’s not like I’m expecting complete silence. I love city living (& the noises that come with it)– my condo back in SLC is in the heart of downtown & truly shares a wall with a bar.

At least though with that bar & with other city noises – I’m used to them. The live music next door will always be done by 1am. And though I can pinpoint exactly what song is being played if I listen closely – it’s never too loud that my box fan doesn’t drown it out.

In contrast – with the van I never know what I’m going to get for noises each night. It’s like cycling through new roommates DAILY. (And gosh there is a REASON I haven’t lived with roommates since 2013.)

Even if I park at the same Walmart for a few days in a row (which has happened) – the noises are going to be different each time.

And sure maybe dispersed camping spot in the woods would be a solution– but then if I hear I noise I’d be SCARED instead of just annoyed. And I think I’d rather be annoyed… There’s at least some comfort in knowing other people are around (even if I have to deal with their noises).

I guess what I’m saying is that no matter my sleeping situation in the van I’ll find something wrong with it…. 🙂

(In reality I usually get great sleep in the van. This was just written in frustration after an especially noisy night…)  

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