Never Say “Never”

My little angel floof of a dog Mya became just that this past week: an angel. She’d been battling doggy dementia for gosh over a year now, maybe closer to two, & it was her time.

I love both the story of how I manifested her into my life permanently, as well as everything about that little dandelion fluff.

So, here’s my little tribute to Mya.

I used to say that I’d never get a dog until I had a yard. (I was of the mindset that it’d be both too much work, and kinda mean for a dog to not have direct access to a yard.) But! Sometimes when you use the word “never” – the universe takes that as the go-ahead to throw you a little curve ball.

(See also: Me saying “I’d never move back to Minnesota after school” …)

Additionally; I used to dogsit through an app called Rover & one of my recurring “clients” was this perfect little angel sweetheart of a dog named Mya. I used to tell my friends “I’m going to steal this dog. Mya will be mine.” And sometimes when you make bold claims like that – the universe takes that as a go-ahead to turn those claims into reality.

Hence, put those two together & you can probably guess what the universe gave me: that sweet angel floof of a dog, EVEN THOUGH I was yard-less (!!) (And wouldn’t have a yard in the whole time having her.)

Plot twist: the universe knows best & it’s actually entirely possible to both: manifest someone else’s dog & have a happy dog (& happy human!) sans yard.

I had the privilege of being Mya’s human for almost 5 years – way too short of a time; but I’m grateful to have had that time regardless. I know everyone thinks that their own dog is the best dog in the world, and I am absolutely no exception. To both try to convince you, and also because I like remembering her “good days,” see my arguments below:  

My favorite Mya moments; proving why she is undisputedly THE best dog ever:

  • Mya was excited to be alive. Especially when she knew we were going on a walk – she could not contain this excitement. It came out of her in the form of spinning around in counterclockwise circles. (Truly never clockwise. Always counterclockwise… How that girl didn’t get dizzy & have to unwind herself is beyond me.)
  • Mya was derpy in the cutest way. She fell into my parents’ pool at least 3 times that I can think of. And that’s saying a lot considering she was maybe only at their house… 10 times?
    • And on that note: soaking wet Mya was a sight to see, but little chicken-leg Mya was a fan favorite. (Chicken-leg Mya being when only her legs were wet & the rest of her body was still it’s big fluffy self. Just imagine little stick legs on a huge cotton ball.)
  • Mya gave 200% in everything she did. I’d have to warn friends & dogwalkers that she’d try to leap down the stairs if you didn’t keep her on a close leash. And she would! That girl would stand at the top of a flight of stairs, assess the situation, & then just leap thinking she could clear the whole thing (sometimes she did, sometimes she didn’t – regardless it was an impressive demonstration of her confidence.)
  • Mya loved me & only me, unconditionally. Regardless of who was giving her pets, or taking her for a walk – I was ALWAYS at the very top of Mya’s mind. She would truly walk away from the best belly rubs if I so much as made one step out of her line of sight.
    • One of my favorite examples of this was when my brother & dad took Mya for a walk. Shortly after they left – I took off for a run & passed the three them. Of course Mya noticed me pass & apparently for the rest of their walk she kept looking behind her to see if I’d be coming by again…
    • The “Mya-est” of loving Mya moments, though, was when she jumped through what she thought was a screen – for ME. To set the scene: I was in my parents’ backyard & Mya was inside – a mere screen door separating the two of us. Mya noticed that I was no longer in the same room as her & tried to walk through the screen door. (Nothing too extreme, but still – ouch.) Then – someone opened the screen for her & I called to her to come outside now that it was safe. Mya, however, was visibly conflicted – she didn’t know that the screen door had been opened & so thought the barrier was still there, BUT (more importantly) she also knew I was calling her. So, she took a running start, and leapt “through” the screen while turning her head so her nose wouldn’t get smashed. (Reminder: there was no screen.) The visual of her doing this still makes me laugh out loud. SHE WAS SUCH A COMMITED LOYAL LOVING SWEETHEART.

I could probably go on forever, but I won’t. Rest in peace in little doggy heaven, Ms. Mya.

Pet your dogs at home a little extra for me & Mya please 🙂

(And maybe hold on to them a little tighter in case I decide that I’d like to manifest your dog into my possession next…)

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  1. What a beautiful love story. I can see Mya in my minds eye, jumping down the stairs. She was a brave little dog. Such a love of life. Thank you for sharing her life with me. I will pet my dog and give her love for Mya. Abby is a German Shepard and is sick right now, but hopefully on the mend. They are part of our family and give us joy every day.

      1. Hi Greta. I was trying to get on your list to receive your blogs or follow you. I am new at this so I may have messed up. Anyway, If you get my email maybe you can guide me in the right direction so I can follow your blogs.

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