Lint traps

Now that I only (“only) have 2-ish months left on the road – I can’t help but look forward to some of the things I’ve missed about NOT living in a van.

Of COURSE I miss my community back in Salt Lake City – my friends, the mountains, my routines. And also I miss the more obvious things like standing up in my home, using an actual toilet, not having to think about refilling my water tanks every week…

But, there are also a few less obvious things I miss:

Lounging in my bathrobe for HOURS after a shower.

Especially since working from home (though this is contingent on not having Zoom meetings with video): I could & would lounge around in my bathrobe for far too long (or just the right amount of time.) There’s just something nice about making breakfast & drinking coffee while in a robe instead of in actual clothes.

This habit, however, isn’t entirely feasible when showering at Planet Fitness. (I’m sure they’ve seen it all, but also I don’t really want to be “that person.”)

Cleaning a lint trap

I didn’t know how much satisfaction I received from cleaning a lint trap until NOT cleaning one for the past 5 months. Laundromats are indeed great in their own way (I can wash ALL my things at one time, have 2 dryers going, etc.) but gosh there’s something nice about seeing exactly how much of TJ’s hair comes out of my blankets/sheets/pants & into the lint trap.

Side note: I did just recently get my lint trap fix while doing laundry at a friend’s parents’ home. (This is also the first time (minus at my own parents’ home) that I’ve actually taken someone up on their offer to use their washing machine… See: me being aggressively independent).

Unloading a dishwasher

Similar to the satisfaction of cleaning a lint trap, unloading the dishwasher is also a task I’ve been missing. It’s probably less of the unloading action and more so just not having to hand wash my dishes the moment I’m done eating. I do also miss leaving a pile of dishes in the sink without being afraid that they’re going to topple over if I take a turn sharply…  (Though I still rarely do this at home because TJ will lick the dishes clean if I do this. But still.)

Overall, that’s not a huge list, is it? Turns out that living in a van has been pretty neat!

But I’ll still find things to complain about anyway 😉

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