Just Me (+ a stun gun)

As I took every precaution to make sure my van was discreet & that no one would be able to tell that a single gal was living inside (/easily track me down to murder me):

  • No bumper stickers or identifying marks on the van
  • Forgoing the bike rack
  • Not leaving the confines of the van after dark
  • Waiting to post my location on my public IG until after I leave
  • Sitting a mannequin in the passenger seat (jk for now – but I’ve considered this…)

I couldn’t help but wonder: while on a run - why was I still so eager to obey the trail etiquette for telling passing mountain bikers that it’s “JUST ME!!!” (joyfully even!)?!  AND DOES THAT DEFEAT THE PURPOSE OF MY PRIOR DISCREETNESS?!

Okay, I promise to stop writing every intro paragraph like it’s a Sex & the City bit. But hey, if you give it a try – it’s kind of addicting. (Or maybe this will also be my “thing,” TBD)

Being a self-proclaimed rule follower– while on the trails I can’t NOT tell mountain bikers that it’s “just me” – plus they’d figure it out pretty quickly anyway… So – maybe I’ll start adding “but I have a stun gun!”

(Side note: I wonder how this would go at restaurants/breweries/coffee shops when I also proudly proclaim that it’s “just me!”)

I really do have a stun gun btw. And although I’ve dismissed friends’ suggestions to purchase an ~*actual*~ gun; between the stun gun, pepper spray, my Garmin InReach (a satellite phone that can make an SOS call when I don’t have cell service), 3 knives (dual purpose – as I use them to chop veggies, etc.), & a champagne saber (not sharp, but heavy & kind of scary looking…) I feel pretty prepared. (Not that I’d be able to use any of these items when faced with a fight/flight scenario. There’s a 3rd option in fight or flight, & that’s freeze (& that’s what I do!))

LMK if you have any weapon or safety tips/tricks/recommendations!

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  1. No bear spray? Also, wasp and hornet spray works when/if bear spray is not available or is illegal. Available in Walmart. It sprays 20 feet and when directed into eyes it will incapacitate your attacker. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a holster hahaha. Here’s hoping you don’t need any of this!!

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