Irish Goodbye

Read this first part as if it were an intro by Carrie from Sex & the City:

As I sat in the midst of the clutter that comes from packing (& from trying to eat all the miscellaneous dry goods in my cupboard), and as I spend yet another workday coordinating last minute hangouts - I couldn’t help but wonder: would an Irish goodbye have been a practical move?

As much as I think I’d like the simplicity of an Irish goodbye – I do sometimes love dramatics (read: sabering champagne, extravagant golden birthday parties, etc.) & excuses to hangout AND since it’s still ski season – organizing a  few “farewell tours” (pun intended – to show how into backcountry skiing I am #sports) has been an added bonus too. 
So- maybe I did myself right by not Irish goodbye-ing… 
(for this instance at least. I will absolutely continue to Irish goodbye at parties, weddings, work events, work itself, etc…)

Here’s my first blog post, by the way!

Plot twist: it’s scary to write a blog & I don’t know how to work websites & I didn’t know that even after you had a website you have to HOST IT?! I miss simpler times when there was only Xanga (but I don’t miss my weird Xanga content that my mom had to confront me about in 8th grade after she found it because it was bizarre & inappropriate & I was trying my hand at what I thought was mature humor…?)

Anyway. No promises that my mom won’t still have to confront me about any inappropriate content on this blog, but at least now she doesn’t have as much ground since she doesn’t pay my internet bill. (Well she does because we’re on a family plan #onabudget, but I reimburse her each month…) 

Like & subscribe for more #vanlife content and/or #xanga content and/or I’m not exactly sure what this is going to turn into – but I’d love for you to read along & just please don’t criticize it too hard & if you’re going to criticize it maybe do so behind my back? Thanksssss.

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