I got engaged!

To myself. For safety reasons…

I had been contemplating getting silicone wedding bands since… the dawn of time. It seems like a simple way to ward off weird men both on the trails & in life. 

But this past weekend when a way older man sprinted to catch up with me on the trail & ask me to dinner 3-5 times, I thought – okay today’s the day!!

Although a friend suggested that I become bolder & instead of my normal “no thank you” in response to these inquiries, I should say “f you.” BUT as anyone who has ever met me or even glanced my direction knows – working up the guts to say “f you” (especially to a total stranger?!) isn’t entirely my jam. BUT! Subtly adjusting my hair while showing off my new wedding bands is exactly my jam.

(I realize you could inset a whole commentary here about how men won’t respect a woman’s “no thank you” but WILL respect a woman’s husband (imaginary or not.)) 

Side note: said man did indeed tell me where he’d like us to have dinner: Bottega Michelangelo in Oro Valley off of Oracle. I looked it up just to see – and their reviews are actually decent. So, if you’re even in Oro Valley & need to accost a gal on the trail who’s just trying to mind her own business & get down – you can suggest Michelangelo’s for dinner!! 

(@ Bottega Michelangelo – if you want to toss a gift card my way for the #trailtrauma I’ve endured, please feel free!!) (and/or reimburse me for my new silicone stackable wedding bands…)

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