DQ (lol) (Marana, AZ)

Lol, plz don’t @ me about writing an ice cream review for DQ… Is this even ironic if basically this whole blog is ironic…?

(Side note: this was my “vaccine treat” after getting my 2nd vaccine – wohoo!)

  • Ordered: Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard
  • Flavor: 4/5
    • Okay, I’m such a sucker for “flavors of the month” even though they’re usually disappointing & I should probably just stick to the tried & true mint Oreo. HOWEVER this one was surprisingly good… The crunch of the cookies was A+ & it was somehow more flavorful than I expected (i.e. didn’t just taste like vanilla soft serve). (I’m currently Googling if they add anything additional or if it’s truly just the frosted animal cookies…Annnd it looks like they do add pink confetti frosting (so maybe the pure sugar in that adds the flavor. Oy.))
  • Ambiance: 2/5
    • Sorry DQ… To be fair – I don’t think DQ tries to have a good ambiance??
  • As good as normal?: Of course not.
  • Would go again?: Of course.
    • And likely WILL go again… it’s DQ.
  • Overall: 4/5
    • I’m still giving DQ a 4/5 overall score because it’s DQ & probably also because I have nostalgia for their ice cream cakes (& their crunch cones.)

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