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van life

Vanning Concerns

Vanning Concerns If you’ve found yourself wondering: “I thought this was a vanlife blog. Is she actually going to write about ‘vanlife’…??” then you’re in luck. Here’s a strictly vanlife post: There’s a commentary I read recently that for how often “stop drop & roll” was drilled into our heads as children – we all …

van life

Remarkably Keen

Remarkably Keen There’s been a recent trend on TikTok called #mosaic where people explain small things they do that they’ve picked up from others. Whether it’s lacing their shoes a certain way because a favorite teacher taught them, or pretending that their favorite color is yellow because their 5th grade crush’s favorite color was yellow… …

van life

Tinder is for validations, not trail recommendations

Tinder is for validations, not trail recommendations Things to use Tinder for: validation Things not to use Tinder for: trail running recommendations* *I guess the exception here is that if they’re a trail runner themselves. (And even then I’d be skeptical…) Okay I’ll admit it – I caved & downloaded Tinder for my trip. (or …