Caliche’s (Alamogordo, NM)

Okay since I have a separate line item in my personal budget specifically for ice cream – I thought I could have a separate tag/category/however it’s called for my blog too…

  • Ordered: Green Chile Sundae
  • Flavor: 4/5
    • As a lover of the sweet + savory combo, I was intrigued by Caliche’s unique claim to be: “home of the green chile sundae.” Although the pecans didn’t provide the exact crunch I was looking for (i.e. crushed up Ritz crackers); vanilla custard topped with ANYTHING is going to be delicious (until I’m proven wrong, I guess…)
  • Ambiance: 4/5
    • The old school feel of Caliche’s is a fun vibe. (Plus high schoolers working at an ice cream shop just brings me back to my days at Snuffy’s…)
  • As good as normal?: Of course not.
    • (IDK if this is a good gauge as I don’t think anywhere is going to be as good as normal… BUT I’m willing to continue my search!)
  • Would go again?: Of course.
    • (Also IDK if this is a good gauge as I don’t think I’d ever NOT return to an ice cream shop if given the chance…)
  • Overall: 4/5
    • I did a quick Google search of “best ice cream in New Mexico” & Caliche’s was on one of the lists I found & it was the only one that was near me – so of course I had to stop… TY once again to Google for leading me to ice cream!

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