Big Spoon Creamery (Birmingham, AL)

Maybe by now you’re sensing a theme: in that I bike around cities to find ice cream (& breweries)… Pedaling for 10-25 minutes is a fun way I justify a treat, plus it supports the local economy!! (And as Joe Biden says: “Benefits everybody. Hurts nobody.”)

  • Ordered: Fruity Pebbles & Buttermilk Corn Cookie
  • Flavor: 4/5
    • As a sucker for all things cereal, (as I think most millennials are?) any cereal flavor of ice cream is going to land with me. And the flavor of the Fruity Pebble ice cream itself was really good. But! They incorporated pieces of the cereal into the ice cream (like not as a topping, but imbedded in it) & those pieces were disappointingly soggy. (Can’t win em all!!)
    • I have less strong opinions about the Buttermilk Corn Cookie. It was a good flavor, and the pieces of corn cookie added both a fun texture & a fun flavor to the buttermilk ice cream.
  • Ambiance: 4.5/5
    • They had this little courtyard with string lights & plants & patio furniture that was super cute! Plus – you had to bike (or drive!) down a little alley way to get to their store – I found that tucked away vibe endearing.
  • As good as normal?: Of course not.
    • Their flavor varieties came close though 🙂
  • Would go again?: YES
  • Overall: 4/5

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