What's a gg bear?

Fair question: gg bear is me…

Much like naming my cat, when it came to naming this blog – I panicked. I had high hopes – wanting something super clever & catchy. So naturally what popped in my mind was not that.

“Greta Bear” & other variations of that were nicknames of mine growing up. So I settled on “gg bear.” 

And since I’m still going for “catchy” I figured I’d throw a rhyme in there… 

BUT, not a lot of van-related things rhyme with bear. However – since I’m traveling with both a cat & a dog -> the van is their LAIR (get it?!) (I had to double check that lair really does mean habitat. (I guess it also means a burial plot in a graveyard….)).

 So, I settled on: gg bear & the van lair. 

(other suggestions welcome, but also then I’d have to change this blog name & it was hard enough setting up a website to begin with…) 

And what's going on here?

Also a great question…

I’m taking my little converted van on a road trip. TBD for how long (8ish months?) & TBD exactly where (“out east” -ish?), BUT I thought I’d document my travels in some way. And since I have zero chance at being an IG influencer – a blog seemed like a good spot to start? 

AND since I’m on a mission to find the best ice cream everywhere I go + get normal to sponsor me: I’m also writing ice cream reviews, and comparing them to normal. So, yes more probably 75% of this blog is going to be ice cream reviews… 

Where to?

Okay, people keep asking me where I’m going, and I have really vague answers like “out east” – so maybe this will help me answer that…?

Or maybe it won’t. Idk the best way to do this.

I eventually want to make it to the east coast. But that’s a lot to plan!!!! So – in lieu of a plan – here’s where I’ve been so far through May. (The picture is linked if you want to zoom in!) 

What about bathrooms?

I kind of equate this question to that little phrase: “any pizza is a personal pizza if you have enough ambition” …

I’ve come a long way since I was 4 years old & flat out refused to use a porta potty (& instead squatted at a local park, sorry neighborhood families…) To be clear: I’ll still squat about anywhere, but I’m also no longer afraid of porta potties. Nor am I afraid of: gas station bathrooms, rest stops, skin tracks, the woods, in between car doors at trailheads, my designated Nalgene water bottle (aka my Nalpeen). 

So – don’t you worry about me & my bathroom situation.